Story Performances

We specialize in curating theme based creative story performances for occasions. These are some of the performances we have put up in the last 2 years, sometimes with other collaborators.

Aimperumkapiyamgal- 5 gems of tamil literature

A 1 hour whirl wind tour of Aimperumkaapiyangal - the 5 gems of Tamil literature seems impossible?

Katha Krafters did not just make it possible, they made it lovable and artistic. The program got rave reviews in the FEAST fest 2021.

The stories narrated were Silapadhikaram, Valayapathi, Manimekhalai, Kundalakeshi and Seevaka Chintamani.

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Saree stories for Taneira

Saree Stories is a specially curated storytelling on the favourite drape of a diaspora of Indian women, brought to you by storytellers, Parvathy Eswaran, Anagha Prasad and Meera Venkatesan.

An amazing opportunity to tell modern stories surrounding the ancient drape.

Metamorphosis(Anagha, Meera, Parvathy)-


My sort of saree(Anagha)-

The wedding day(Parvathy)-

Timeless Tagore- A free virtual storytelling for adults

A performance as a tribute is always special! It leaves a feeling of awe and wonderment in the performers.

Katha Krafters are humbled to bring you a tribute to the master storyteller Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore.

Stories that touch our hearts minds and souls in inexplicable ways.

Stories that leave us with lingering questions

Stories that will leave you hungry for more.

This was a free virtual performance by the Katha Krafters quartet.

Maanini- Stories of strong women who shaped Krishna's life

Maanini is a story performance which will present the life of Krishna in a 90-minute capsule. The story is laid out through the eyes of the strong resilient yet tender and giving women who played a pivotal role in Krishna’s life. Each played their part and helped him to reach his message to the world.

Maanini is much more than storytelling. It is presented as an interesting mix of dance abhinaya music drama poetry and storytelling. Each of these is used to enhance the story and bring out its essence effectively. Maanini will effortlessly engage you and keep your thoughts engaged on these stories long after it has ended.

The program is brought to you by an inspired group of 4 strong woman storytellers who have invested their creativity into making this possible.

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Balancing Act

The Balancing act is not new to women isn’t it?

Each of you out there knows how the tightrope feels!

On women’s day, 2021 Katha Krafters brought alive the stories of women and their experiences with balancing what was theirs in life.

Storytellers Parvathy Eswaran, Anagha Prasad, Geetha Subramanian and Meera Venkatesan will bring a mix of personal, mythological, inspirational, historical, and original stories, which will leave you with myriad thoughts, emotions and more.

A story performance for adults.

A Storiful Navarathri

Navarathri! It is the time of the year when the dolls come out of their dusty closet to talk and sing and dance and tell stories from their place in the Golu(arrangement of dolls) in many houses of South India.

What! You dont believe it? That is what happened with Navarathri 2021.

2 days of fun storytelling against the backdrop of the Navarathri Golu!

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Get Set Go!

A story performance with puppets coming your way on January 17th, 4:30 to 5:30.

The puppets want to tell stories on New Beginnings! Hmm, interesting.

What! They also have a fun story game they want to play!

brought to you by the creative Katha Krafters quartet, storytellers, Meera, Parvathy, Geetha and Anagha

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Bala Leela

Have you ever wondered if Gods had a childhood just like yours? Were they naughty or nice? Did they have to go to school? Did they fight a little? Were they super strong when they were young? Did they have to eat healthy food too?

Storytellers Meera Venkatesan, Parvathy Eswaran, Geetha Subramanian and Anagha Prasad shared some stories of the Indian Gods, when they were babies.

The four different stories were united by fun!

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We for Victory

We all know that Vijayadashami stands for Victory of good over evil. But what is victory? Is it just winning?

Deep thinking for children? Let us simplify it with stories!

“We” for Victory brought a bouquet of interactive interesting and insightful stories of different genres brought to life with puppets costumes and more this Vijayadashami.

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“Tathaastu”, an exciting, educational and entertaining story performance, was based on stories of boons from Indian mythology. The brainchild of raconteurs Jyothi Kunjoor, Parvathy Eswaran and Meera Venkatesan, this hour-long programme was an interesting introduction to the fascinating world of Indian mythology.

Tathaastu is a word that one often comes across in Indian mythology; it is a word that filled the listener with glee or terror, depending on who the listener war. You see, Tathaastu (So be it) was the word with which the Gods and Goddesses of India sealed the boon granting process. Indian mythology and folklore are replete with stories of funny, harmless, dangerous and serious boons.

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Krishna Calling!

The program brought in some fun filled zestful storytelling for children 4+ Storytellers Geetha Subramanian, Meera Venkatesan, Parvathy Eswaran, Anagha Prasad added to the Janmashtami cheer with some beautiful stories of simple and strong devotees of Krishna and the interesting temples. All the stories narrated had oodles of action, ensuring that Krishna truly came calling.